Five-foot-3 Natalie Portman, slight of create and substantial of voice, has often had a normally petite existence. Even with her powerhouse acting chops, she arrives throughout as elfin, a trope she’s leaned into — at any time found that “Natalie’s Rap” sketch on SNL? But for her future job as The Mighty Thor (Jane Foster as well as hammer furthermore powers) in Marvel’s Thor: Like and Thunder, she was requested for the very first time in her career to increase muscle mass to her frame, and the bodily modify affected her mentally, far too.

“On Black Swan, I was questioned to get as modest as feasible,” Portman explained to Range, reflecting on the position — a ballerina — that netted her an Oscar. “[For Thor], I was requested to get as major as possible. That is an incredible obstacle — and also [a] condition of intellect as a girl.”

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“To have this response and be seen as huge, you notice, ‘Oh, this have to be so distinct, to wander as a result of the earth like this,'” Portman included. “When you happen to be tiny — and also, I consider, mainly because I commenced as a kid — a large amount of moments I experience young or tiny or, like, a pat-on-the-head form of human being. And I existing myself that way too, since of that.”

To get ready for the purpose, Portman worked with a trainer for 10 months. But even the most gifted physical coach couldn’t make the actor taller, which the script also identified as for. Alternatively, a ramp was created for the actor to walk on in the course of filming so that she could stand eye-to-eye with costar Chris Hemsworth.